The first Internet Service company to offer on-line real-time transactions.

Our credit card support system gives you the option to buy and sell on-line through the Internet using our secure servers during transactions. 
Our Secure Server is directly connected to the banking network and the credit card companies, making it possible for transactions to be carried out in REAL TIME. 
Your system receives a response, generated by the credit card system, in approximately 4 seconds.
This service is included free of charge as part of our basic e-commerce package.

How does it work ? 
Once the buyer has selected the article or service he wishes to purchase, a questionnaire pops up on the screen which he can then fill in with his credit card information: card number, expiration date and the name exactly as it appears on the card. 
The amount is sent directly from the prior CGI and the client does not have the option to modify it.
Both the client and the company receive notification of the state of the transaction.  This can be personalized for each company. 

We offer two basic possibilities with variations on this: 

  • Add the amount of the transaction to the clients previous list of chosen purchases generated by the shopping cart application. 
  • Send the result by e-mail to the company. 
  • Send the result through a call to a given port of another system. 
  • Send the result as a POST to another CGI in the system.
The last case is the most usual when on-line access is desired for a given product or service, such as on-line sale of software without physically sending the product. 
In this case the last CGI will download the product if the charge has been successful.

Can I personalize the charge forms? 
The form is in a CGI.  If you wish you can have a copy under your own CGI-bin directory with the possibility of including your corporate colours, logotypes, information, and so forth. 

Can I establish my own criteria for rejecting transactions? 
You can do this through modification in the aformentioned CGI, establishing your own control of operations and filters if you wish. 
A typical filter, for example, would be not allowing more than three consecutive fouled intents using the same credit card number, or three fouled intents from the same connection. 
You also have different options on what action is to be taken in these cases. You could, for example, disable any new intents from the connection for a period of a day, a week, or indefinitely, adding the information of the connection, credit card number and so forth to a filter file. 

What risk is there to my company?
The system works exactly the same as if you were using  a TPV terminal connected to your bank. 
Once you have received the OK and the authorization number,  you have collected the amount due.
The possibilities of fraud, nearly technologically impossible given the characteristics of the system itself, do not affect your business. 

What guaranties are there for my client? 
We advise that you inform your client on the web page that he is being directed to a Secure Server where all the information that he gives will travel through the word wide web in encrypted form. 
It is also a good idea to take additional steps of confidentiality for your client, such as disallowing the possibility of absolutely anyone in your company or your service provider (that's us) to have access to any credit card information and by volatilizing all the information from the whole system once payment has been established. 
This system is more secure for the buyer than using his credit card in any physical register in a commercial establishment. 

How long does it take before my business actually receives payment?
It will arrive from your bank in the first valise immediately following the transaction, normally within the next 24 to 48 hours. 

Can I establish periodic charges to my customers?
Yes. This service is not included as part of our basic package, but if you wish, a robot on our secure server will take care of reading the client data base, due dates, amounts and payment information and will automatically charge these clients, informing of the results of the transactions.
This system requires a data base or an interchange file agreed upon with our technologists in order to function. 

How much will this service cost me?
INTEREC will not charge you any additional amount for this service. 
Our On-line credit card charging service is an Added-Value service included in our basic hosting package.  The bank network will charge you a commission on the amount of the sale. 
What credit cards does your system handle? 
Currently we support VISA, MasterCard and all of the 4B cards.
Shortly we will also be handling American Express cards.

Can I operate in different currencies? 
Yes. Our system is multi-currency and the exchange rates are updated daily, Monday through Friday. 
It is important however, to take into account that in using any multi-currency system, there can be small fluctuations between the rate shown, based on the closing rate of the previous day,  and the rate actually charged, which will be the rate at closing of the day the charge is made. 
Normally, you would add a link or command to go to a currency converter service on your shopping-cart page for the client's convenience
To do this we offer exchange rates for up to 50 different currrencies. 

If there is no bank in my area with whom I can operate, do you offer an alternative product? 
Although our main function is technological and not financial, there do exist cases in which certain formulae can be used with some clients.
Please do not hesitate to consult us concerning your specific needs.

What type of products can I sell on-line?
Essentially, any type of product can be sold on-line.
The service that we offer in this case is that of charging your clients for you.  It is exactly the same as if you were using a TPV or an ATM machine to charge your sales. 
The loading on and/or sale through our server of pornographic subject matter or any other type of illegal sales is, however, absolutely prohibited.
Our company does not assume under any circumstances any type of subsidiary responsibility concerning products sold by our clients using this system of payment.

If  I am currently using another company as a host, would it be necessary for me to change to your server?
Not at all.  If you wish you can simply make use of our payment system.  All you need to do is let us know how and where responses should be sent. 
All you would have to do is add a POST from your page to our secure server.  The rest of your pages (with the exception of the payment CGI) can be located anywhere.
All responses will be returned to you and received by your standby CGI. 

What data so I send and receive in a transaction?
Mandatory data to be sent are: a transaction reference code and the amount of the transaction to our CGI.
The transaction reference code can be any alphanumeric chain of  0 to 9 and A to Z, either upper or lower case and without spaces.  This reference is what will be used in the shopping cart section on your CGI to identify the transaction.  The amount must be sent in numeric format without using commas or punctuation. 
When a currency other than Spanish pesetas is used, it should be specified using the three-digit identification code you will receive. 

Data that you receive in each transaction: The transaction reference code ( the same which you have sent); state of the transaction; and an authorizaton number.
The state of the transaction will be OK when the transaction has been successful and KO if it has failed, in this case accompanied by an explanation for the failure. 
The authorization number is generated by the Credit Card system and will be used as a tracking number for the transaction in any subsequent contact concerning it with your bank. 

How long does it take for this system to become operative?
This depends on geographic considerations and the desired complexity of your shopping cart, but the section concerning credit card payment can be available in less than 48 hours. 

How do I contract the service? 
Just send us an e-mail informing us of your needs, or contract our basic package which already includes this service.
In order to use it, and depending on your location, you may need to contract with a bank.
In any case the procedure is easy and free of charge. 

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